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What We Do For Agents

  • Send clients a “Welcome” email introducing myself as a part of your team, giving a timeline of contingency deadlines, and we attach a copy of all their contract paperwork. 

  • Review all documents for accuracy.

  • Send the other-side agent an introductory email, requesting any missing documents or signatures. We will also obtain their title company and closer information.

  • Fill out the transmittal and send the complete contract to title (& lender if any).

  • Set up your calendar with key dates (inspection notice, loan commitment, closing day, etc). Please be sure to accept the calendar invitations.

  • Order home warranty, if applicable.

  • Obtain title commitment and earnest money deposit receipt. 

  • Organize file and review broker compliance list. Submit file to Compliance. We continue to monitor the compliance status until the file is Approved.

  • Obtain any missing documents and/or signatures.

  • Take care of generating amendments, obtaining signatures on those (or any other documents needing client signatures), then sending to appropriate parties.

  • Create a payout sheet/submit commissions per broker direction. Please inform us if there are any referral fees to be paid, splits and cap status we need to know.

  • Our role for inspections involve uploading to the transaction management system and formatting Inspection Notice Responses during business hours. We will watch out for timeline compliance, and collect/forward repair receipts as needed.

  • Obtain occupancy/municipal inspection from the seller, and inform buyers on action steps needed to obtain occupancy permit (if required). Forward passing occupancy/municipal inspection to buyers agent, if applicable.

  • SELLERS: Once contingencies are resolved, send the seller a reminder to inform utilities of the final reading date and to forward mail.

  • BUYERS: 2-3 weeks before closing, send buyer utilities information and mail-forwarding reminder.

  • Watch out for all timelines and remind you if we are nearing a deadline.

  • Verify that all broker-required documents are ready in advance of closing so that there is no delay in your pay-out.

  • Schedule closing, invite all parties on Google calendar.

  • Send the client an email with all closing instructions upon receipt of final numbers.

  • Check in with you to make sure everything is on track on closing day!

  • Update your CRM with client info.

  • Close out listing on MLS (if applicable).

  • Send a post-close email to clients with their copy of the closing statement, can include a review link for you if you have one.

    We also offer MLS Listing Input Services and Offer Drafting. Please contact us for more details.

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